Association Ekipa Fanihy

We are a non-profit organization based in Antananarivo, Madagascar, dedicated to disease ecology research, outreach and teaching, and applied conservation. “Ekipa Fanihy” translates to “Team Fruit Bat” in the Malagasy language, as much of our work is focused on research, education, and conservation of Madagascar’s three endemic species of fruit bat: Pteropus rufus, Eidolon dupreanum, and Rousettus madagascariensis.

Association Ekipa Fanihy was formally incorporated in November 2022, though the team of biologists has been working together informally since 2013, when its founders, Association Director Dr. Hafaliana Christian Ranaivoson and Scientific Advisor Dr. Cara Brook, began their collaborative PhD studies on pathogen ecology and population dynamics in Malagasy fruit bats. Association Ekipa Fanihy aims to carry on the spirit of their original collaboration by establishing a supportive environment and physical infrastructure for the exchange of knowledge between local and foreign researchers.